July 16, 2008

SITS Recipe Feature

Welcome ladies and gents visiting from SITS. Feel free to stay a while and look around. There is some good reading and beaded bobbles eye candy if you have the time. If you are looking for some funny, check out adult book store antics and ranch pants. They are a bit lenghty, but very funny. Oh, yeah and true stories...

The two adult beverage recipes featured are very simple and delicious. Give them a try on a hot summer day and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The Strawberry Margarita Sorbet can work with almost any fruit. I am anxious to do a mango sorbet, but living in the midwest makes it hard to find good ones.

Hope you like the site or at least the recipes. Thanks for visiting, come back soon and comment your little hearts out.

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  1. Congrats on being a Saucy Eats blog today!!


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