July 2, 2008

Creative Juices A Flowin' Again

Well, with no furniture in here today I had to find something to do. What is better than making more jewelry? Nothing. So I plopped on the floor, got out my beads and board and went to town. I did 6 different necklaces using the same pendant. I posted two of them yesterday. Here are today's additions: This one is made with the Botswana Agate, Green Jade, Garnet and a variety of shapes and sizes of Tourmoline. Very pretty. I love how the Agate has a bit of green on top.

I also decided to make a men's version of the necklace out of various sizes of Black Agate rounds and tubes. For some reason, guys always buy the black jewelry more than anything else. Go figure.This one is made from a variety of Rainbow Fluorite tubes and pebbles along with some Citrine rounds. I accidentally ordered the wrong beads about a year ago and never sent them back. Came in good use today!
This last one is the one I am keeping. I always keep one if I make a bunch. This is a variety of Tourmaline, one of my favorite stones of all time. Hard to find good quality, but our local Bead Supply store usually has some good ones.
Tonight, I plan on finishing up 2 malas. One Sodalite, a beautiful blue and white speckled stone and a Serpentine one that is about the color of Perdot. I am really bored. I need my apartment back!!! Please carpet gods look kindly on us!

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  1. These are nice. How do we purchase if we wanted to?


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