July 1, 2008

Creative Juices A Flowin' Again

Again with the creative juices.  I was expecting to be scarce today as we were supposed to be getting our new carpet installed.  Well, that didn't happen (the driver was sick yesterday and couldn't pick it up) and all we have in the living room is a chair and a TV.  Everything else is outside on the sun porch which makes for a long boring day.  Even as I type this on my laptop I am laying on the floor stealing my neighbors WIFI.  Not very comfy at all.  Glad I went to yoga!

I made 2 necklaces today and hope to finish two more tonight.  I am entering a couple of design contests so any critiques would be appreciated.  I went shopping earlier today and picked up 6 Botswana Agate centerpiece beads, and am trying to focus on them for the time being.

This first one has a Botswana centerpiece with Amber and Golden Jade (in 2 sizes).  I am a big fan of Golden Jade.  The coloring variations from bead to bead are fantastic.
This second necklace has the Botswana centerpiece with Wooden Agate (in 2 sizes) and Black Agate.  The Black Agate beads are the 8mm ones.  I really like the color variations within the Botswana Agate, they can go with most any color.
Later tonight I plan on trying to make one with various sizes and colors of Tourmaline and another with Lavender Florite.  If I get them done, I will post later. Who knows if they will get done tonight.  Like I said earlier any critique (good or bad) is welcome.

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