July 9, 2008

She's a puker

And by she, I mean me. Last night, I got sick. Not a little sick but lay on the bathroom floor with my pillow sick. I didn't have much to drink, or so I thought. (maybe it was the egg I put in the fried rice, did it cook all the way? Could be the flu, I have felt pretty crappy this past week, who knows.)

My husband still isn't used to my weird vomit ritual. Yes ladies and gents it happens often enough that there is a ritual to the process. It involves me laying on the floor with my precious pillow waiting for the next round to come with a cold cloth on my face. It happens at least every few months. If something doesn't sit right, it comes out. I have no control over it. One of my old friends used to joke, 'Jen, yeah, she's a puker. She'll be fine in a few minutes' which is usually as long as it takes. Last night, it took way longer than it should have. When I finally went to bed, I grabbed Bernardo to cuddle(which I usually don't do, he stays in the luxury suites), and was out.

This morning, had to get up early to let the carpet guys in to put back the three things they didn't do last week (see carpet nightmares). I think they could tell I was a bit under the weather. Fortunately they were in and out pretty quickly and I got to go back to bed. Slept another two hours, still feel crappy. I made myself eat a piece of toast and am going to make it through the rest of the day. Good thing I have soup, crackers and my precious Sprite.


  1. Hey! Puke has been a central theme in my day. Not that anyone IS puking (knock on wood) but my old puke post has been commented on about 60 times today. I sure hope you're feeling better! I wanted to answer your question about the Spiderwick movie. When I say that it's based on all five books, it means that the last of the five books is the only one that ends with closure and that the movie has closure. The thing about it is that the movie doesn't have the same closure the books do in that they just kind of throw the ending out there out of nowhere. The last two books are pretty much written out entirely. There's so much information skipped that it's not even right to call the movie The Spiderwick Chronicles because it's only loosly based on the first three books.

  2. I dont want to imply anything but i used to puke ALL the time. If i ate too much dairy,fatty, or greasy, foods i would puke and then feel fine. Then one night, i was so ill and couldnt stop pukeing i went to the ER and ended up having my gallbladder removed emergently. They said all those times i was puking were gallbladder symptoms! Isn't that crazy. So i hope you're not going through the same thing. Hope your feeling better

  3. Oh my goodness, poor you!! I have gotten sick several times from a couple too many, but thankfully it doesn't happen much just from food. Hope you're feeling well today to enjoy your SITS visits!


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