July 3, 2008

Just another game of grab ass

This is my 25 gallon fish tank. Housed within are some African Cichlids, two Clown Loches and a Blue Johanni. We have to take down the fish tank today to get new carpet (THE NIGHTMARE OF ALL NIGHTMARES) and I am worried about putting Mr. Johanni into a bucket with the rest of the fish seeing he has been terrorizing them, or as we put it playing grab ass. However, fish really don't have asses, so I don't know how that really works. As I sit here and type I can hear the pleas of the other fish not to be put in with him as well as swimming for their lives.

The Johanni hangs out in the castle like structure on the left. He sticks his head out occassionally and if anybody is nearby he goes in for the chase, and doesn't let up easily. We put a new fish in the tank one evening. The next morning most of its anal fins (huh huh, anal fins) were completely chewed and it was suffering from severe stress. I ended up moving him in with a beta in a 5 gallon tank and he is now doing swimmingly.
Here you can see him peeking out going for the kill. This is the best picture I could get due to how quickly he darts out of there, chasing everyone else like he is the king of the tank.

So, what to do with him today.  I hear an old John Lennon song going through my head....Isolation....  I got out 2 ~ 5 gallon buckets and started syphoning the water out of the tank, Once mostly full, Johanni and big blue go in one bucket, the rest in the other.  Transport buckets to bathroom for safekeeping for the day, cover and head on out.  What I hear for the next few minutes was strange.  It sounded like some massive struggle in one of the buckets, water splashing, sounds of jumping.  Guess who, Johanni don't like being in a bucket, and thank goodness that my husband thought to cover the buckets or we would be down one mean ass fish.

Left for a few hours, came back and the fish are still at it.  Chasing and splashing away.  Fortunately they were almost done and we got the tank up with (so far) no casualties.  However big blue isn't looking so hot :(  He's one of my favs.  I hope he makes it....

On a side note, I feel kinda bad for complaining yesterday about the carpet.  I guess the driver who was supposed to substitute for the sick driver died!  Now do I feel like an ass.  I guess he was canoeing, it tipped, and he hit his head on a rock and died.  Oh yeah, I forgot to share that little tid bit with my husband who later said to the carpet guys "I sure hope that the driver had a good excuse" (open mouth, insert foot)  Carpet guy "uh, he died"  There was an odd quiet for a second, then some uncomfortable laughter.....

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