February 9, 2010

I will never dye my own hair again!

So...... Three weeks ago on a Friday I decided I was tired of my hair color and ever growing roots and I needed some new color. I usually dye it a medium brown/red but this time thought "why not dark brown!?!"

I head off to the local Target and pick out an expresso brown, came home, and began the hair dying ritual.

Not really a ritual but a routine. I change into a pair of black yoga pants and black shirt just in case the dye drips. I mixed the color together and follow the directions on the package. Applied hair color and set the timer for 20 minutes, the time it says on the box.

12 minutes later the hubby walked by and asked if I was trying to dye my hair black. I said "um, no" and then looked in the mirror.

Now anyone who dyes their hair knows that it always looks darker before it is rinsed out, but this was alarmingly dark. I decided to not chance it and rinsed my hair.

My hair was BLACK. And by BLACK, I mean BLACK!!!!!

Oh shit!

Stop by later this week to see what happened next!

I need to get back to my roots!

I have been away for far too long. Cursed Facebook! I got in such a habit of updating things there that I forgot how much I enjoy blogging.

Enough said!

More accident prone antics from yours truely!

I have become a wii addict. I just can't stop playing. Being a physical sort a game system all kinds of things can go wrong when you are accident prone like me. For example:
  • Fell off the wii board while playing Shaun White snowboarding game and twisted my ankle
  • Got waaaay into mariocart and lost my balance and fell over
  • tossed a wii mote while golfing. Fortunately it went back instead of through the TV!
Just to name a few. Good times, good times!