August 18, 2009

Back to work

This is my second official day back to work for the school year and I am already exhausted! I have put in more hours than ever figuring out schedules, special ed rosters (which are nowhere near done) and sorting supplies than I ever have.

I can't complain, the weather hasn't been ungodly hot as usual, but having an interior room with no windows or working vents makes for a very sweaty day. If it were any hotter I can't imagine even moving in that room let alone getting anything done.

I need to get motivated to teach this year. I am teaching 4 different subjects with 5 different teachers. I have an entire new department of special ed teachers, which means I do ALL paperwork until they get trained NEXT MONTH. Anyone who has seen one IEP knows what all goes into it, I have 90+ to keep track of.

I think I am going to float through the year being so busy that I don't notice how quickly times goes by because I am not going to know which way is up until winter break. (like the run on sentence?!?)

Oh well, it could be worse. It is always worse for someone else. I just need to put things into perspective, go with the flow and suck it up. I need to spend more time doing yoga and meditating this year than in the past. I can do this. If things go my way it will be my last year in SPED. Then I can enter into a world of different challenges, students and less paperwork. I am really looking forward to less paperwork!

August 5, 2009

Creative Juices flowing again.....

This is Gumball the kitten.

A lovely garnet necklace which I can't decide if I want to sell it or keep it. Probably keep it.....
The flying bunn as I like to call him. I love the posable ears.
I hope to have my market bag done soon and plan to post that as well. It is taking much longer than I thought to finish.

August 1, 2009

Guest Book

This past week we went on our annual family vacation to Galena, IL. If you have never been you should try it. We rent a couple of houses in the territories and have a lot of fun. The landscape alone is breathtakingly beautiful. Not to mention most houses have a hot tub. Bonus!!!

The house my hubbies mom stayed in had a guest book. I always have a great time reading what other people have written and this one was no different. I thought I would share the funny entries that people have written. Enjoy!

This one is funny for what was erased. Underneath a list of nine women's names is the phrase: "This place needs more whores." I wonder who wrote/erased that little gem.

"If I had a nickle for every good time I had in this house I'd have like TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS AND THRITY FIVE CENTS." (That is 547 incidents of 'good times'!)

OK, this one is funny for the THI MI SHU LEE, PHAM LEE, AND FUG LEE. You figure it out...

This one confused my because of the Nation Waffle Association addition. Any ideas?

Other than reading the guest book we spent our days playing corn hole(it is a game get your mind out of the gutter), cards, shopping, crocheting, drinking, Trivial Pursuiting and hot tubbing. Now I am nice and relaxed to head back to work in two weeks.