August 18, 2009

Back to work

This is my second official day back to work for the school year and I am already exhausted! I have put in more hours than ever figuring out schedules, special ed rosters (which are nowhere near done) and sorting supplies than I ever have.

I can't complain, the weather hasn't been ungodly hot as usual, but having an interior room with no windows or working vents makes for a very sweaty day. If it were any hotter I can't imagine even moving in that room let alone getting anything done.

I need to get motivated to teach this year. I am teaching 4 different subjects with 5 different teachers. I have an entire new department of special ed teachers, which means I do ALL paperwork until they get trained NEXT MONTH. Anyone who has seen one IEP knows what all goes into it, I have 90+ to keep track of.

I think I am going to float through the year being so busy that I don't notice how quickly times goes by because I am not going to know which way is up until winter break. (like the run on sentence?!?)

Oh well, it could be worse. It is always worse for someone else. I just need to put things into perspective, go with the flow and suck it up. I need to spend more time doing yoga and meditating this year than in the past. I can do this. If things go my way it will be my last year in SPED. Then I can enter into a world of different challenges, students and less paperwork. I am really looking forward to less paperwork!

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