July 2, 2008

Carpet Nightmares

Have you ever just wanted to scream, but know that you can't at that given moment? That is how I felt about 20 minutes ago when the carpet guy called. The installation would be delayed another day!!! WHAT!!! Do you realize our entire living room is disassembled to the point of not having a chair in there since MONDAY! It will be done on THURSDAY or so you say, each morning seems to come with an excuse.

We knew going in that the carpet was due to arrive at the store either on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Whenever it arrived they were going to come and do it. Tuesday morning call: My driver was sick on Monday and didn't pick it up. He will pick it up on today's route. This mornings call: The driver didn't go on the route he was supposed to yesterday and didn't pick up your carpet. I even drove down to *** to pick it up but it was at the back of the truck and couldn't get it.

Wait a minute, you couldn't get it. You have two VERY DISSATISFIED customers who you know are going to be pissed off when you make this call and you made no effort to dismantle the truck to get our carpet!!! Its called effort, its called work ethic, its call custom satisfaction for a reason. You get on that truck, you get our carpet, you get to our house, you install it. It seems like a relatively easy concept to grasp!

OK, the rational side is taking over. I know how big those trucks are. I know how much carpet they hold. It took balls to call and you should be very thankful that I picked up the phone and not my husband who is waaaay more pissed off than I am. I am trying not to grit my teeth, clench my jaw, get my blood pressure up, etc. I understand that things don't always go the right way, for some reason I think my husband and I are cursed sometimes.

So, aren't you glad your not me waiting around in an empty apartment waiting for carpet to arrive God knows when.....

And aren't you glad your not the carpet guy who doesn't know it yet but will be moving the furniture back in tomorrow because my husband works until at least 9:00 PM and I am not doing it alone.

Guess I'll go find something to do, where are those pesky monkeys?

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