July 5, 2008

I Ran In Fear

What does a grown woman do when she sees a foot long Brown snake in the garage?  First instinct, run in fear.  I turned into a 5 year old in the face of a tiny snake.  I freaked out, got in the car and waited for my mother in law to take care of it.  I made it half way down the driveway and decided I needed to help take care of it.  She dropped a rock by it at first and it didn't move.  Maybe its dead.  Right?  She touched it with her broom and it slithered up into a hole by the garage.  (I think I may have even screamed at that point.)  Yep, its alive.  It peeked its head out of the hole on the other side, so I grabbed another broom, and started to sweep it towards the rocks and bushes.  It went fairly easily, it was quite tiny.  It slithered away not to be seen again (yet).  I even freaked out a bit looking up the type of snake and the picture to post.  I commented "I'm sure glad thats over"  When I look up to find the beginnings of a wasp nest with 6 wasps crawling around on it.  I hate wasps more than snakes!  Thats it, I'm done.  I dealt with a snake and now there are wasps!!!  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm leaving it for my husband to take care of when he gets home.  I'm done dealing with creepy creatures today!

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