July 12, 2008

Would you like to win one of these?

Hello all!  I am hosting a scavenger hunt via Camp Candid Carrie.  These are some of the prizes up for grabs.  If you want to participate, head on over to Two Knit Monkeys and join the fun.  Contest ends 7/13/08 at 11:00PM CST.  Good luck and happy hunting!

Necklace one:  Made of 4mm turquoise rounds with silver spacers.  It is about 16 inches long with a barrel clasp.
Necklace 2:  This is a personal favorite of mine, made of flourite and citrine.  If you suffer from high anxiety, this is the necklace for you.  Very simple, yet elegant at the same time.  Approximately 18.5 inches in length.
Necklace 3: Here we have another Florite and Citrine, this one has a pendant well made of Russian Agate.  The pendant is a light grey with black and creamy highlights within.  Approx. 18 inches in length with the hook clasp.

Necklace 4:  This one is a steal.  Made with golden jade, amber, and yellow quartz.  This one also has a Russian Agate pendant.  This pendant is a creamy yellow with dark yellow highlights.  Approximately 20 inches long.
Necklace 5: Made of Czech glass with a dragonfly pendant.  This one actually can come in a variety of colors: Red, Purple (shown above), Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange.  If you want it in a different color scheme, all you have to do is let me know, I have all the supplies on hand to recreate this one.    This one is approx. 18.5 inches in length, however if you choose a different color scheme, The length can also be adjusted.

Happy hunting and I hope to see you soon.  

Also, I have had some questions about purchasing one of these. Contact me via e-mail and we can set up arrangements and payment through paypal. It is subject to beads I have in stock.  

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