June 30, 2008

Californication... Adult Content Read At Own Risk...

First off let me tell you I am a HUGE David Duchovny fan.  I first fell in love with him when he played the cross dressing FBI agent Denise in Twin Peaks.  One of my all time favorite shows.  From day 1 I had to know who killed Laura Palmer and why.  Fucked up series though.  On the season 2 DVD set there is a funny story he tells about having to shave his legs for the part, then went to swim some laps and got some funny looks.  Hey, male swimmers shave their legs, I know, I've helped them!

Then it was Fox Mulder with the FBI (again) in X-Files.  Back when we were first dating, my husband and I would snuggle up on the couch in his apartment and watch each week.  Great show as well.  One of my favorite episodes was the one where they did the COPS parody.  Good stuff.

Now Californication.  I must start by saying we don't have Showtime or any other movie network for that matter so I had no idea what this Californication was until I saw a commercial that said 'Season 1 now available'.  I figured that if David Duchovny is in it so it has to be great.  He plays a writer who hasn't written anything descent since moving from New York.  So last night we watched the first 3 episodes and I know where the 'fornication' in Californication comes from.  

For example last night I saw:
  • more boobs in a thirty minute show should ever have (no way were all of them real)
  • a half naked Duchovny grab a painting off a wall and throw up on it when caught about to have sex, on his ex-girlfriends bed
  • Duchovny get punched in the face while having sex to keep from climaxing (which we later discover she is 16 and the daughter of the man his ex is about to marry)
  • more sex than a thirty minute show should ever have
  • An explanation of the 'little man in the boat' to an inept husband
  • Him pick up his daughter without his pants because he couldn't find them when said inept husband came home early and almost caught him having sex with his wife.
Three phrases of note from the show:
  • "Where did you get the black eye" (from the 16 year old who gave it to him, and in front of her dad)
  • "Like that time you finger banged your cat"  (I actually spit out my drink when I heard that one!)
  • "You smell like pussy" ex girlfriend, response: "Thank you"
All that being said, I love the show.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  Oh, yeah and he is a blogger for a magazine called Hell LA (I think).  I am anxiously waiting to watch more.  Can't wait until tonight!!!!

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