June 28, 2008

Thank you mom

I must give a big thank you to my mom for all of the creative things she had me do as a kid. She taught me how to do cross stitch and crochet. And always encouraged me to try something new. Since I have dabbled in many different arts and craft endeavors which has given me some financial compensation for my work. Here I have included some of the things I have created for her.
These I made for her for Christmas to match her bedding. I like to quilt, just in smaller doses. Wall hangings are more my style.

This is one of the necklaces I made for her. I think I like dragon flies more than she does, but that's o.k. She still likes it.

Growing us we had two beagles, both epileptic. Snuffles scared me when we brought her home, I had never had an animal before and didn't understand her need for attention. Pepper was the second beagle. She was quite a 'free spirt' for a dog. Very stubborn! I made this for mom as a mother's day present. When she died, I even made her a headstone for her grave site in the woods. I miss her, but she was a different dog in the end. Medicine really messed her up.
Other artsy farts things I have dabbled in: Soap making, candle making, knitting, perfume, dream catchers, beading, quilting, painting, macrame, cooking, etc. So, thank you mom for putting the creative bug in my ear from the get go.

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