June 26, 2008

Power Yoga... or How To Pay To Get Your Ass Kicked!

Tuesday night I decided to go to a Power Yoga class with my husband. I used to go to these all the time and thought to myself I can do it. No problem, right?

We start every class with two versions of sun salutations, Surya Namaskara A&B. The first is a nice warm up. Gets your energy level up, prepares you for what is coming up next. Version B starts with my all time favorite (yeah right!) Chair pose. Its like your sitting comfortably in a chair without the chair behind you. Its not too bad. Come up, bend down, jump back, lower down, up dog, down dog and here it comes Warrior I. Now I heard Mark has you hold them for a long time. They weren't kidding. Acts of congress have taken less time than we held the pose. Just when I think it is over, I get to release and relax I hear, "Hands together to your heart, turn it into Warrior II" seen here:
This was also held ridiculously long! You usually hold them for five breaths. Five, not twenty-five (I exaggerate, I know but that's what it felt like). I am trying to breathe my way through it. Don't start rushing the breath, release back to Warrior I and plank out, lower down, up dog, down dog, OTHER SIDE. I totally forgot about the other side, I was too busy worrying about the last side!!! We did three of these. In one, we even went into Warrior III or what I like to say 'Superman Pose'. By the time we were done with the Sun Salutations, my left leg was quivering to the point of being barely standable (is that a word?) We didn't do any more standing poses (thank god) they were all worked into the salutations.

We get to go to the floor. Forward bends (which felt great by this time), crow, side crow, wheel, twists, etc all with a Vinyasa in between each side and then each pose. What is a Vinyasa you ask? It is a way to reset your body and start fresh on each side. It is composed of: jump back, lower down, up dog, down dog, (sound familiar?) then jump through to seated. I was afraid of Mark and didn't want to skip a Vinyasa for fear of being humiliated, called a wuss, laughed at, etc. Did every single one. I am paying for it still!

Ending class: Shoulder stand, Plow and then Scorpion! Seriously, Scorpion.
I guess because the entire class was drenched in sweat out muscles and joints were well lubricated to have a go at it. I tried it. I tried it several times. I think I did pretty well for the first time every doing it. My hubby said I looked like a tree shaking in a storm. SORRY, it was my first time!

We went out for a beer after class, which was relaxing. Got home, watched some tube, went to bed. Woke up. Tried to get out of bed. TRIED. My muscles were so tight and sore I could barely move. I can feel my abdominal muscles like I have never felt them before. In excruciating pain. Hamstrings tight, upper arms radiating with soreness. I felt like I had been in a car accident . Spent the day lazing around. Today, still in pain. Abs hurt, hammies tight, don't get me started on walking up the stairs! All that said, I am going back to class on Sunday. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow! I didn't know a body could bend that way.

  2. That Scorpion thing -- you did that?? Freaky cool.

  3. I think it's great that you survived it and are willing to go back. That looks too painful for me!

  4. I didn't do it nearly as smoothly/gracefully/easily as in this photo. Picture someone shaking with Parkensons trying it and thats what I looked like. It was fun to try!

  5. Jen, could we see a video of you doing some of these positions? Puh-lease?

  6. Sure, if you don't mind the chunkyness and flailing about. I'll see what I can do.

  7. My husband and I used to take yoga classes together. We need to do that again. I really enjoyed them. Well, except for when they made us hold a pose forever (shake shake shake).


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