June 8, 2008

Bad Hair Day

Looking in the mirror this morning I thought to myself, I am going to have a bad hair day.  Naturally curly, 80 degrees out, 78% humidity.  I just need to grab a hair tie and go on with my day.  I wish I owned  a hat other than my Gilligan's Island one!

Then I got to thinking.... I have had a much worse hair day.  The worst hair day of ANY ONE'S LIFE!  You think I exaggerate.... No, I think mine is  pretty bad.  Here's the scenario:
A week before I head off to Community College I decide to get a perm....
On top of my naturally curly hair....
On top of being dyed for almost all of 16 plays and musicals I was in during high school
On top of the chlorine buildup from a summer of lifeguarding and teaching 3 year olds how to swim.....

Needless to say I still thought it a good idea  I'm off to the local beauty shop.  I get my hair done up in curlers, solution gets put on.  To this day I can feel the cold perm solution going on my hair.  Timer is set.... It's time to sit and wait....

Within 5 minutes, my head is itchy and burning a bit.  I don't say anything for about 5 more minutes when I can't take it anymore.  The hairdresser convinces my to make it another 5 minutes and she could look at it then and see if the curlers can be taken out.  The 5 minutes are up......  Thank god!

She starts to take the curlers out......

I can feel it pull, but something isn't right.  My hair is stretching like a rubber band!  All the buildup of garbage in my hair has created some kind of chemical reaction nobody was prepared for.  My hair turned into seaweed.  You could actually stretch it pretty far before it broke.

The stylist audibly gasped and had a dumbfounded look on her face like what do I do now?  She rinses and rinses and rinses some more, but the damage is done.  There is no coming back from this one.  My hair is ruined.  Out come the scissors for the worst hair cut of my life on top of the worst perm ever.  Sides cut shorter than an inch.  The back, she leaves longer almost to my shoulder in SOME places.  The top is cut into many layers that don't match.  And off she sends me.  Into the world for all to see.  And no, she didn't charge me.

I rush home.  Try desperately to wash out the damage with Baby Shampoo.  No luck.  I call my mom at work, tears rolling down my face unsure of what to do.  I start school in under a week.  New people, first impressions with this hair.  I need a hat, a wig, something to cover up the damage.  The thought to shave my head even occurred to me at one point.  

Mom gets home, looks at me, and I start to cry all over again.  She gives me a hat and off we go to the JC Penny hair salon.  I got in right away and took off the hat to show the stylist what had happened.  The first thing out of her mouth was "She didn't charge you did she?"  I think it was meant to make me laugh.  It helped.  She was very nice and she took good care of me.  When I left, my hair was o.k.  She gave me some conditioner to use every other day and in two weeks I could go back and have more of the damage cut off.  

Fortunately, my hair grows pretty fast.  Within a month or so, I was able to go out in public without a hat on my head.  Also, thank GOD we could wear hats in college!!!

Side note.  I met my husband during that first semester of college.  He doesn't remember the hair.  (or so he says!)

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  1. Oh my, that is priceless! Evidently so, since you weren't charged - Yikes!


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