June 25, 2008

Creative Juices A Flowin' Again

A few weeks ago I found a post on A Crafter's Journal on making your own  Custom Cute Magnets.  Being a crafty person myself, I decided I needed to try this out as well.  I am always looking for something new to try and this was something right up my ally.  

Strong Glue:  I started off using E6000.  However the glue and I didn't work out so well together.  I switched over to Aleene's Platinum Bond Glass and Bead Glue.  Worked much better for me.  The nozzle is smaller and the glue easier to control.  Most craft stores have an entire section for glue, just make sure to pick one you think will work for you.  Also, no matter what glue you choose make sure it dries clear and if it says use in a well ventilated area do it.  I didn't and ended up with a wicked headache!

1/2 inch magnets:  If you use ceramic ones, you may need to glue a piece of paper to the other side or it can leave marks on your surface.

1/2 inch hole punch:  You can use scissors instead, but it is worth it to purchase a hole punch.

Old Magazines/ Catalogs:  I had an old Crazy Shirts catalog hanging around and it worked perfectly.  Small designs which were the perfect size.  Finding good pictures in magazines was a difficult for me, so the catalogs worked so well.  (you can order a Crazy Shirts catalog online)  I did just get a catalog for Allposters.com which looks like it would have some great ones in it.
*** Don't use Scrapbook paper.  The glue will ruin the image***

Small Flat Backed Round Glass Beads:  I found mine in the mosaic section at the craft store.  Make sure they have a clear finish.  The kind with the mirror finish looks like they could be used, but the picture won't show through.

***Optional*** Metal Pie Pan: This was very helpful for me.  I turned the pan upside down, and used it to align the magnets and hold everything in place.   

1.  Flip through magazines or catalog to find the pictures you want to use.  (I placed a glass bead on top to make sure the image fit and looked o.k.)  If you choose dark pictures, make sure there is a good contrasting color or your image won't show.
2. Hole punch or cut out picture.
3. Put a small dot of glue on the magnet, place picture in place.  (make sure to follow your glue's directions.  Some have you wait 2 minutes)
4. Place a dot of glue on the glass bead and press on top of magnet with picture.  Squeeze together to seal.  (Try to get the glue bubbles out.)
5.  Let glue dry per instructions.
6. Decorate your fridge.
7. Enjoy your hard work.

If you make any, please send me a post.  I would love to see what you've created.  Have fun!

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