October 6, 2008

I need to vent

Please feel free to skip this post.  I am not looking for sympathy or any words of encouragement.  I just need to vent or else I am going to explode. (If you are a co-worker realize this has been slowly building over the last 7 weeks and I have to get it out or I might go insane.)

When the bell rang at 3:40 today four words crossed my mind.  I Want To Quit!  I am not the quitting type, but today I had enough.  I realized just how tired I am.

I am tired of the kids running the school.  

I am tired of no follow through with any initiatives.  

I am tired of hearing the same people gripe, moan and belly ache about the same shit every day.

I am tired of being put in charge of things that will inevitably make me look like the bad guy.

I am tired of trying to please everyone.

I am tired of hearing teachers in the adjacent rooms screaming at their students.

I am tired of seeing the same 5 kids in the hallway ALL DAY LONG, and of nobody willing to take care of it.

I understand that I teach special education and that there are students on my roster.  However, they are NOT MY OWN CHILDREN.   I have the same problems with them that  you do, please don't make me relive that ten times a day.

I am tired of scheduling meetings and having nobody show up.

I am tired of having to tell people how to do their jobs.

I am tired of waiting to see what the consequences are when we write a student a referral.  I have one kid in my advisory who has skipped it at least 3 times a week and NOTHING has happened to him!

I am tire of waiting to see the consequences for the two students who SEXUALLY HARASSED ME last week.

I am just plain old tired..... And it's only Monday!

I am so stressed out this year that my eye has already started to twitch.  This is the seventh week of school, not the seventh month.  I should not have physical issues due to stress this early in the year.  (Can't wait until my other compulsions come back.)  

Please understand that if I walk away and say "I will deal with it tomorrow"  it isn't necessarily because I am mad at you in any way.  It is simply due to the fact that I can't deal with anymore today.  I am done.  Out.  Finished.

Now, I just have to mentally prepare for tomorrow.....


  1. Oh, sweetie. Vent away. That's part of why we blog.

  2. Oh I say VENT away. I think that you have the HARDEST job. I know that I am worried about working with my own teenagers I so I cann't imagine have to work woth somebody elses.

    I hope that tomorrow is better.

  3. Whooooooa nelly.

    Both of my in-laws were teachers and they'd do the same thing every now and then. It grew increasingly frequent towards their retirement dates.

    Hang in there...you are doing a good thing.

    Weather Moose

  4. My Mom is a teacher. I respect the profession and admire anyone who sticks with it. Great some rest. You deserve it!

  5. Ahhh, venting feels good, doesn't it?

    Hope things are on the up and up for ya.


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