October 22, 2008

I went postal update

So.... Um.... I guess my little explosion on Friday made quite the impression on the kiddos. One student retold the story (in front of me) that I turned all red in the face and was wicked scary. I like to think of it as I hulked out. TEACHER MAD!

Well, it must have worked. They came in Monday, I stood at the front of the room with my finger over my mouth gesturing a silent shhhhhhh as they came in the room. You could have heard a pin drop as soon as that bell rang. I started class saying "ah, I guess my comments on Friday made an impact" and I looked at a room full of smiling children ready to cover another lesson on Scale Factor.

Tuesday rolls around. I bit louder than the previous day, but it took just two quick little words and they were back in their seats quiet as mice.

Today I took half the class with me to take a test. My group was great. Nice, quiet, polite.... I hope we aren't suffering from invasion of the body snatchers! The group I left behind apparently was the same. It is amazing what can happen when you simply go off. That and seperating the two 'heavy hitters' in the group. Some kids just can't get along!

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