October 17, 2008

I went postal today at work

Let me just say this. I hate to raise my voice. I really hate to yell. But oh me, oh my, did I let it rip today.

My sixth hour co-taught class is full of a bunch of loud and rowdy kids. I lost it today. The bell rang and as usual nobody was in their seats, their voices ware waaaaaayyyy too loud and had enough. (I have only been in the class this week since my student teacher left)

It started out like this "EXCUSE ME!!!!! YOU NEED TO HAVE A SEAT AND SHUT THE MOUTHS NOW. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THIS IS THE EIGTH WEEK OF SCHOOL AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE! (Picture my arm outstetched as far above my 5'3" frame as possible) "THE BELL HAS RUNG WHICH MEANS YOU NEED TO BE IN YOUR SEATS READY TO LEARN. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" At this point I got a 'yes ma'm' from one of the students. I shot him the most evil look I could muster and he immediatly looked down. In fact he appologized at the end of class for doing it. I did continue on a bit with the "You are in seventh grade..... You need to learn how to respect..... " I ended it with "How many of you are tired of class starting this way every day?" 90% of the class raised their hands. I was glad that it wasn't just me who felt that way. (Even if 50% of those hands raised are the talkers.....)

I scared the crap out of my co-tacher.... He had no idea I could yell that loud.

People in the office two doors down could hear me, I yelled that loud.

Come on, I used to lifegaurd for 9 year. I can be loud when needed.


  1. OMG! I didn't hear you, but then I was probably yelling myself! Actually, 6th period, YES...YES I was yelling right then too!

    Sigh...when will June get here?

    Thanks for your help with the bus thing. I appreciate it!

  2. Well Thank you for doing what you do.... I know it can't be easy...

  3. Oh, when I taught I so had days like this! Halloween is a coming!

  4. Yelling is always fine in my opinion. Better than hitting, I say. Cause that could get you arrested! (just teasing about all of this, of course!)


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