October 30, 2008

Daddy/Daughter Date Night Fx4

Warning Blog Cross Over! I repeat Blog Crossover!

Tonight my dad and I went on a date. (We really need to do this more often.) I had a great time. So, what did we do..... You need some background knowledge first.....

Growing up my dad and I used to stay up late on Saturday nights and watch USA Up All Night. They always had the absolute WORST movies, but in my angry years (that's what I like to call my late teens/early twenties) it was something quiet that we could do together that wouldn't frankly piss my off and turn me into the "superbitch" that I was proud to be. Worse than the movies was the host..... Gilbert Godfried! We watched some classics like (my favorite) Sorority Babes in the Slime Ball Bowlarama, Reform School Girls, Invasion from Mars, and the like.

We would lay at opposite ends of the couch and laugh at the dialogue and acting during the commercial breaks. Sometimes we would rub each other's feet (which may sound weird, but was always comforting) while we watched.

This was all after my brother left and joined the Navy. Shitty movies have kinda been what I grew up with. (Some day I will tell the Reanimator story.) So when Attack of the B movies came to the local theater we couldn't say no. Dad had the brilliant idea to bring the minkees to the movie theater with us. Here they are before we left, comfortably sitting in my purse.
Once we got to the theater we found out they changed the movie schedule. We ended up watching the last half of The Bat starring Vincent Price. I so thought he was 'The Bat', but I was waaaaay off. Then we stayed for the movie we both wanted to see: Warewolf in the Girl's Dormatory! We figured it was made in 1961 (by the death dates on the gravestones). It was an hour and thirty five minutes long. After 35 minutes, I thought the movie should be over. The plot was done, it had nowhere else to go. I figured out that B movie stands for "This Movie B Shitty!" So shitty in fact that I took this foto of the minkees during the movie.
Yep, that's them sitting in a seat, at the movie theater, with patrons looking at me like I am crazy...

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  1. Come on, Jen! I thought we'd see a picture of you and your dad.

  2. Nope, the strangers at the movie theater were a little too creeped out by seeing two minkees in a seat next to us.

    I did try though.

  3. Did you have to pay for the Minkies as well ? :-)

  4. Really? The people who were watching the movie were creeped out by the monkeys? I'm thinking they have bigger issues ;)

  5. This is great! I love that you can now acknowledge your true teenage self. I'm hoping my own 15 year old daughter will get there one day. And the minkees look like they had fun.


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