October 17, 2008

Atlanta Aquarium Fx4

This past weekend we went down to Atlanta.  It was part my mother in-laws birthday, our fourth anniversary and the Columbus day holiday.  We went to one of the most magical places on Earth for me, the aquarium.  I am a water sign and I love all things related to the ocean.  Here are some of the better pics we took from our trip.

This one is a tank of African Cichlids.  These are actually the fish we have at home, only much larger.  It was really cool to point out all the fish that we take care of.  Oddly, we have had all almost every kind of fish in this tank at one point over the last three years.

I love me some Jellyfish.  These first ones were amazing.  They were electric and changed colors.  Very cool stuff.

Here is your more typical jelly.  Little know fact... I was stung by a dead Portuguese Man of War.  Even dead they sting like a mother!  I shouldn't like them, but they are just the most amazing creatures.

If we didn't prematurely flush our Blue Johannai, he would look like this.  Bigger, nastier, and even more a bully in this big ol' tank.

The aquarium also had Beluga whales.  What beautiful creatures they are.  I have never seen one up close before.  One young gentleman asked how you tell the difference between a male and female beluga whale.  Well.... I didn't realize that the anatomy is very much mammal like.  When the ladies swam with their bellies towards the audience it really did look like a female.  The male.... well, apparently when he is ready to mate you can definitely tell he's male.
Last, but not least a very cranky spiny lobster.  He just looks pissed.  You can't see it here, but he has blue bands on his claws.  Is he ready to be served at the food court for dinner?

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  1. Great under the sea photos:-)

  2. Oh WOW!! Those are some great pics! I really love the first one w/ all the fish--and the jellyfish one--so cool!!

  3. Amazing -- I love those photo's -- I will have to show them to my kids! Thanks for sharing and coming by today!

    Much Love

  4. Those are awesome pictures!! I have desperately wanted to go to that aquarium and do the behind the scenes tour.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm in Atlanta, and I LOVE the aquarium. Great shots.


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