October 26, 2008

Lazy Weekend

I have decided that this weekend is going to be devoted to chillaxing.  (I got that word from a student btw).  I have been so stressed out with work that I need time for me. 

So, what have I accomplished this weekend?  Well, yesterday was spent doing some crafting, craft shopping, reading Breaking Dawn (I am to the part where Bella takes over the story again), going to dinner at my folks' and watching some SNL.

Today I have accomplished a few things I needed to to this weekend.  I updated my new 'buisnessey' blog, went grocery shopping and started the laundry.  Now, I am done being an adult for the day (until I go cook dinner anyway).  I have the house to myself, so what better to do than watch some cheesey horror movie and veg on the couch!  I am torn between House of Wax and Thirteen Ghosts.  Whichever I choose, I am sure a nap will occur sometime in the middle of the movie and I really won't miss much!

Now I am off to get my chillaxin on!

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