November 13, 2008

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...Friday Foto Finish 11.14.08

This week's entry for Candid Carries Fx4 are my wins and losses over the last couple of weeks. I will start off with the loss. This is my door for the door decorating contest. I was really proud of the students who put in time before and after school to create this on my classroom door. Above teh diamonds was a foto of my students so it was a little more complete. We were sad we lost, but enjoyed working together as a team and creating something cool. (one of my neighbors saw my door and didn't even enter the contest. Oh yeah!!!)

No on to the winner. My class won the corn maze on our fieldtrip. We completed the 17 acre maze in just under 45 minutes and hit every checkpoint. We were actually the only group that found them all! We rocked it! So, what do we win? A giant, 100+ pound pumpkin to be displayed in the classroom! It was freaking huge, it took me and two football players to hoist it into the garbage dumpster!Thanks for stopping by and thanks for playing!


  1. SERIOUSLY??? 100 lbs?? That was a prize? I would consider that more incentive for not coming last....

    But that's just me!

    I bet the kids love it though!

  2. That is a HUGE pumpkin...oh my gosh. Just think of all the pumpkin pancakes you could make with that!

  3. Congrats on the big ol' pumpkin!
    Sorry about the door :(

    Happy FFF!

  4. That's a big ass pumpkin. Making bread? Or soup?

  5. Two football players helped pitch it?

    I'll bet the chess club could have come up with a better idea using pullies and cranes and perpetual motion to get it there ;)

  6. I am SURE I've never seen a pumpkin that weighed that much. Man!

  7. Great door!! That's a BIG pumpkin. Congrats in the win.

  8. We found them all too...but you beat us by 10 minutes!


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