November 4, 2008

Electon Day Maddness!

So I got up early this morning, on purpose! I headed out the door at 6:55 ready to do my duty as an American and vote. I got to the polling place down the hill at 7:03. The sea of cars was amazing. I had no idea that many people live in my small town! The polls opened at 7, right? Yes they sure did!

Going inside I saw a sea of people snaked around the room, there had to be at least 150 people. I stayed, looked around and noticed the diversity of the people there. The town I live in has houses ranging from the 300,000+ range to two trailor parks. People standing next to one another from completely different walks of life, all here for one purpose. It put things into perspective for me. Even in this small town there are so many different walks of life represented. I found it very eye opening.

After 10 minutes, and the line unmoving, I had to leave and go to work. You can't be late when you students waiting for you! After work I came back and voted. (Did you know in Illinois you vote with a black Sharpie?!?) I got through the line in under 20 minutes.

This time I got to meet a very nice young man named Ben. He was ther voting with his mother. He sweetly introduced himself and then to his mother. She looked embarrassed, but I shook her off. I think it is pretty cool to include your child in such an interesting election.

Now, I'm off to watch some CNN and see how things play out. I hope my candidate wins!

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