November 19, 2008

Great, I'm sporting a 'gang tat'

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I discovered today that the tattoo I designed for myself 8 years ago is in fact a gang symbol. A cresent moon with a star on my upper right shoulder (seen here).

Are you kidding me!?! Who knew?!? Well, apparently I didn't! I told the officer whowas at our gang presentation at work today and he laughed at me (we're actually kinda friends) Maybe I can get a photo of him "arresting me" so I can post. I doubt it, he's a bit too serious. I may have to try!

I must say, I did find the presentation interesting. I learned a lot of signs, tags, gestures, etc. I did find the part where they showed gang graffitti in our area a bit alarming. One of them was of the tunnel behind our school. We keep covering it up, they keep putting it back (no matter how many cameras are focused on the area)

Now, I am on the lookout for anything gang related. I will have to keep my shoulder hidden to make sure there are no Mrs. G's in a gang rumor get started. That would be funny though.....

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  1. We so seldome see your face because of the teardrop tattoo, right? Kind of regret that now, don't you?


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