November 5, 2008

My Life Needs To Slow Down!

I feel like I have been seriously neglecting my normal duties. Blogging, knitting, yoga, etc. This past month has been so busy, I just don't have time. So, what have I been doing?

Since the middle of September I have held 9, count them 9 IEP meetings. For those of you who don't know the process, it takes a long time to do the call parents, set up meetings, reschedule meetings because the parent didn't show up, and the hardest part of all the paperwork. Each IEP in Iowa is at least 7 pages and that is if they only have one goal area. The state is also changing the way we have to do paperwork, so they often times come back because we have ONE WORD WRONG!!!! Very frustrating!

Last Thursday we had an awesome FREE field trip we took our 7th graders. So that absorbed an entire week both inside school and out to plan and organize. Thank goodness there are a lot of members on my team beacuse we all had to pitch in and do our part.

My husbands niece and nephew also have recently returned from India and are in the process of opeing their own yoga studio, Tapas Yoga Shala. My husband had been a critical component of helping get the space together. Within their studio they are also selling items from India as well as some of the products that I make. So, Jen has been spending a lot of time making malas for the shala. (I love to rhyme!). I have also been spending a lot of time making yoga inspired magnets in bulk. In the last month I have done about 200, and I am working on 250 more for Indigo Wellness as well. Tonight, I am finishing a frog for a friend, then working on 20 scented eye pillows for the shala as well. So I have been busy crafting, but it doesn't feel like I have been doing things for me. (If that makes sense).

I have also been working on a side buisness, Custom Creations. I have created a website, taken photos, written many posts explaining the properties of different stones. That alone took several days of research.

I have my own table at Indigo Wellness' open house next Friday, so I am making products and signs for that too.

Not to mention that I am an overachiever and on (I think) 5 committes at work which means I have at least 3 meetings a week before or after school. I get here by 7:45 and don't leave until close to 4:30 on an average day (an hour over contract time) and usually am here later working on things.

I am making an executive discission! I need to learn how to take more time for me!


  1. I know how you feel..I have to schedule time just to shower!

  2. Hear, hear. But only after my frog's done. LOL!

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