August 1, 2008

Scars do heal...

But don't become forgotten....  

What are you talking about?!?  Let me explain.

I was driving back from our local grocery store a few minutes ago when my head began to itch just above my left ear.  I reached up to scratch and that's when I realized what it was.  It is the scar I got from a car accident exactly 12 years ago.  By exactly I mean to the hour, even to within a 5 minute window.  I had completely forgotten the scar was there.  Then all the memories rushed back in.

As far as the accident.  Well, I was hit going through an intersection on the side by a woman driving a car she technically stole from her daughter.  Oh yeah, they didn't have insurance either.  It is by far the worst accident I have ever been in, but I am fine and won't go through the details.  Just to say that I got two black eyes, a swollen knee and an 1~1/2" cut on my head which had to have 3 staples.  And I hope that I never have to go through that again.  Staples suck!

But it did happen to me, so there has to be a funny twist.  Oh yeah baby, its a good one.  I had just gotten off of work at the swimming pool where I was teaching lessons.  I only lived a few miles away and I made a habit of wrapping myself in a towel and just driving home.  So, that's what I was wearing.  A swimsuit and a towel (not even shoes).

When the accident occurred it was at one of the busiest intersection in the area where I live.  I made quite the impression on the passersby as I was pulled out of my car in just a swimsuit and getting strapped to a backboard.  I think I backed up traffic for quite a while because I ended in the middle of the cross road.  (Every once in a while I will hear someone tell the story, it made quite an impression, and laugh to myself.  I don't always tell them it was me, depends on how much they have embellished it.)

I remember the EMT who strapped me in ask where my clothes were, did I have shoes, where is my ID, etc.  but couldn't form the words or think straight.  He was nice enough to give me a blanket to keep warm.

I guess a good Samaritan got out of his car and put pressure on my head wound, which they say helped me from getting more damage.  To which I say Thank You!!!

I got a descent settlement out of the whole deal.  The woman who hit me went to jail.  I was harassed by her boyfriend who would call our house trying to get me to stop pressing charges (that was the insurance company, not me.  Oh yeah, and she STOLE the car).  It is the only time in my life that the words restraining order came out of my mouth.

But I am happy to say my scars (both physical and mental) have since healed.  I am a stronger person for it.  And I always change back into my clothes before I drive home.


  1. Oh my gosh Jen, you would not believe how many times I go out of the house in just pajamas. Then I have tiny flashes of thought, what if I was in an accident ... would they think, doesn't this woman wear a bra? Then In My Head I save myself by saying to them, "Oh, the impact of the crash must have caused it to ricochet off me." Yeah, right! My Ds flapping around my waist and they would believe that?

    Anyway, I will always be dressed in my finest accident attire now thanks to you.


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