August 13, 2008

Gun shots.... Must be Tuesday

Have you ever been sitting on you couch, hear several gunshots and think to yourself "Oh yeah, its Tuesday"?  Well, thats exactly what I was thinking yesterday afternoon.  The only reason I thought of it is because they started up again today, which is rare.

Wait a second, did she say GUN SHOTS?  This is a normal event for Tuesday!!!  That sounded too casual.

OK, so you are probably thinking where in the hell does this girl live?  Is she in a safe neighborhood?  Does she live in a bad part of town?  Does she live in a ghetto?

Nope.  I happen to live near a police firing range.  Every Tuesday they have firing practice.  The first time I heard it, I had no idea what was going on and refused to leave the house.  Now, it is as normal as the weekly emergency siren test (also on Tuesday).  You get used to it after a while.  Weird thought, getting used to the sound of gun fire.  

*Occasionally, on a clear night, you can hear lions too.  There is a zoo 5 miles behind us through the woods.  Man, I love living here.  


  1. Gunfire, emergency sirens, and lion roars -- the soundtrack to your life is exciting! In my foggy little brain I'm hearing "Africa" by Toto and some gangsta rap playing in the background too.

  2. That's awesome! I hear cows mooing, dogs barking and log trucks going by.


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