August 26, 2008

Harry Wong

So, last night I got a phone call from my mom. It went something like this:

Mom: Hi Jen, do you have Harry Wong?

Me: Yes, I actually have two, why?

Mom: Can I borrow Harry Wong?

Me: Sure, why do you need Harry Wong?

Mom: Someone at work want to borrow it. I only need one, not both.

Me: OK, I'll drop off The Harry Wong sometime this weekend.

This was followed by some small talk and chats about how the week is going so far and how life is going with the students. Much better than I anticipated, I must say!

I am sure you are wondering about this elusive Harry Wong. Harry Wong is the author of a fantasitic book called The First Days Of School. Now don't you feel like a pervert?!? It's OK, I giggle every time I look at the front cover!


  1. It was totally blowing my mind that you were having this conversation with your mother. I love it! Do you think your mother was giggling inside as well?

  2. Okay I am glad he wrote a book because the whole time I was wonder what exactly you talking about.


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