August 17, 2008

Getting Ready

This is in response to the Bitch Badge post earlier this week.  

As I am mentally preparing for full time life starting tomorrow, I have been looking back at some of the memorable things that have happened during my 4 years teaching High School and 6, starting my 7th year in middle school. 

Names I have been called:
F*cking B*tch ~ When I told a student he couldn't have free time because of his behavior.
Homeskillet ~ Because apparently that sounded like my maiden name.  Not even close.  I still remember his name though!
Mrs. Gay ~ Ha, ha they left our the 'r'  and if you didn't know already, my name is Jennifer 'nobody puts baby in the corner' Gray.  I made my husband stop saying that.
C*nt ~ Oh yeah!  A high schooler said that one when I told him he failed a test.
B*tch ~ because it is an easy one to use to hurt some one's feelings with that word.

I am sure there are others.  If I think of them, I will update the list.

Bad things that happen to good people at work aka me:
~two words: Ranch Pants
~been stepped on by a heavy set student who messed up my ankle to the point I had to go to physical therapy.
~physically assulted by a student (pushed; also needed physical therapy for my shoulder.  Good thing I do yoga) and said student was back in my classroom the next day with NO CONSEQUENCES!!!!!
~caught a kid HUMPING a stool while I was out in the hall.  Yes, I said humping!
~had a desk thrown at me by a student.  OK, this is a good one.  He threw it at me because I fell backwards out of his chair.  What had I just asked him to do for the hundredth time?!?  Stop rocking in his chair.  He missed.  He was also jailed soon after for selling crack to an undercover cop.  He also called me "Teach" in a creepy voice that still gives me nightmares.
~witnessed way too many adolescent boners.  
~completely lost my sense of smell.  I slowly got it back.  Lets just say the smell of stale cigarettes, unwashed clothes and cat pee can kill any one's sense of smell when you have that student in class 4 hours a day.

Good things happen to good people:
~Students come back from high school to visit you because you made an impact on their lives.
~Getting invited to birthday parties and graduations.
~Presents on teacher appreciation days.
~Random cookies/bagels/donuts/candy/etc.  
~Great colleagues who will listen and lend a hand when needed.
~Hugs.  I usually don't hug a student, but won't say its never happened.  I am called 'Tree Hugger' at work.
~Seeing the eager look in a student's eyes when teaching a lesson they are invested in.
~Getting to know your children.  There are some truly great kids out there, each with their own unique features.  It is cool that I get to share that too.  However, I probably see a completely different side of them than you do.

That list could go on and on.

I have a few other goodies to add for later posts.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my job.  I am good at my job.  Heck, I somehow got to be a big wig at school and have since been put on way too many committees. I am a techie, a comic book junkie, a pop culture freak, a yogi, a belly dancer, an artist, a reader, a crafter, a beader, a foodie, and I teach your kids. Well, if they are in special education I do.  I hope you don't mind.  I am good at my job.


  1. The names are exactly what I mean about being strict. Such names as B*tch, C*nt, F B*tch should simpley not be tolerated.

    What to do about it is the question.

    How did you react?

  2. Even though my daughter does not need to be in special ed, can you be her teacher anyway? I'd love for her to have a teacher like you.

  3. cyclingred- Most of the name calling was done when I taught BD/SED classroom (that is behavior disorder/social and emotional disorders) You simply made a phone call home, took away points from their point bank and wrote anecdotal records of the behavior. The few times outside of that type of classroom the shear guilt they felt was usually punishment enough (and the phone call I had them make to their parents explaining what they said and why.)

    mama dawg- If I lived in down south in your area I would apply at her school stat. I am sure she has some great teachers!


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