December 11, 2008

Middle School Antics.....Gross me out.....


For some reason our students seem to be more 'sexually charged' than they have been in the past. Over the past three weeks these kids are playing grab ass like it is going out of style. Oh yeah..... THEY ARE 13 / 14 YEARS OLD!!!!! One word: GROSS!!!!!

We have had kids writing sexually explicit notes to one another and passing them in class. One such note was an 'instructional manual' on how to give a blow job! I was so glad I didn't get or read that one. We have had kids literally grab each other inappropriately and constantly! I really don't see an end in sight.....

The most recent activity was yesterday. A student thought it would be funny to ummmm..... put a condom on a pen and throw it across the room with a sub! Poor girl..... She handled it well though. She got on the phone and asked administration to come on down and take care of it. Our principal showed up a few seconds later and took 'swarn statements' from the entire class. It has been narrowed down who threw it and it will be taken care of tomorrow.

My question is: What is wrong with kids these days? They have no sense of right and wrong, blame others for their own action and act as if they are 15 years older than they are. I am so frightened that we are going to have a pregnant 7th grader by the end of the year. I can't imagine that one.....

Do we need to start monitoring what these kids are wathcing on T.V.? Do we need to put stricter warnings on explicit video games? Do we need to have community outreach classes that teach some of our parents how to be parents? I don't know, but I think something needs to be done soon! I am so thankful that winter break is coming up next Friday and I will have 15 days middle school free!


  1. My eldest is in Junior High and I feel the exact same way! Kids are growing up way too fast!

  2. OH my girls are 6 and 9 and seriously boy obsessed. I have already begun the talks about respecting your body, etc... and have been asked about sex and lesbians. I'll need to drink through the teen years continuously just to get through them!

  3. It sounds like when I was in HS (13 years ago) except we were 15-18 years old, not 13.

  4. the parents are really idiots. those kids are wasting YOUR time. i didn't use any capital letters because i am saving my energy getting ready for death storm watch 2008.


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