December 7, 2008

I have road rage issues

OK, I must first admit that I hate driving in winter.  The roads in my neighborhood rarely get salted so I have been driving on a sheet of ice now for a week.  But that isn't my problem.....

I used to have a serious anger problem.  I was always mad.  Do you want to know why?  Well, so do I.  It was something I couldn't control but a way I always felt.  I can go into theories at a later date.  The only thing that really gets me angry anymore is driving.  I do get a serious case of road rage.  Here are some scenarios:

Scenario 1:  There is snow on the ground, but NONE on the road.  The person in front of me is driving 12 mph in a 40 mph zone.  Why?  Because at any possible moment it could snow.  I really wish they would have looked in their rear view mirror to see me yelling at them and calling them a "f*ck stick:"  (Oh yeah, I really swear when the rage sets in)

Scenario 2:  I am on my way to work and I have to drive up this incline to get to the stop sign.  I am the 4th car back and had to stop.  When it was time to move forward, my tires simply spun on the solid ice of the incline and I went nowhere.  I actually had to back up 30+ feet in order to get up the icy incline to slide through the stop sign.  To this you would hear the words "Dumb Ass" come out of my mouth.

Scenario 3:  I am on the interstate to work.  Unable to go above 35 in a 65 because they haven't plowed or salted the roads yet.  Some 'dick pickle" swerves in front of me without turning on his signal.  Scared the BeJesus out of me!  And my morning commute was turned from 20 minutes to just over an hour!

Scenario 4:  Some "Dip Shit" in an SUV (yes, I drive one too but not like you) thinks their 4 wheel drive will circumvent the icy pavement so you can go ubber fast and cause a 7 car pileup.  Look at you go!  I understand that the SUV makes you feel invincible, but your not and neither are those cars around you!

I could keep going, but I feel my Hulkian rage coming back.  I just hope my morning commute tomorrow will be filled with safe, responsible drivers......  I bet I swear a few times before I get there.....


  1. I so thank God that even though I drive an hour to work, there is virtually NO traffic. I hit only 2 stop signs and 2 traffic lights in 45 miles.

  2. Driving in the winter is a pain. I try to avoid it. And I have found it interesting to note all of the 4wd vehicles off the side of the road and stuck. These people think they can go anywher.

    I believe there is no need for 4wd unless you are in a special category, emergency worker, nurse, etc. if you can't get there with front wheel drive it probably isn't important enough to be on the road.


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