December 23, 2008


First of all, let me tell you about my day so far. Got up, had a bagle (mmm.) , knit a bit, then checked the weather. Ummm, 4-9" in the next 24 hours. I better go out and get any supplies we may need in the next couple a days. Toilet paper, soup, beer, you know the essentials...

So, off I head to the bank to cash a few checks. I made some last minute Christmas gifts so I had some extra money coming in on top of that the check I got from my folks. I was set to go. Get to the drive through, friendly chat, leave and head off to Target.

I had to get just a few things at Target. Looked around the store, picked up another essential item, a wii nunchuck so the hubby and I can box it out later. Ran into Carrie and a pack of kiddos. See in my world all Targets lead to an alternate universe where you can find anyone or anything you are looking for.... It's a theory... or, I'm crazy....

Anyway, I get to the checkout my items are rung up and I grab the envelope from the bank.....Ooopppsss, I am missing something.... Like $96.00!?! Good thing I had my debit card.

So, I head back to the bank. Wait in line for about 5 minutes (holiday rush and all) get to the next teller and say "Um, I went through your drive through about a half hour ago and I was shorted almost a hundred dollars....." To which I get this look of "what is she trying to scam here".

I had to point out the teller from the drive through, they counted my money about 15 times, checked his records, then counted his drawer and finally I got my money. It only took a half hour of my day but seriously how do you short someone $96.00. It isn't even an (ha ha) even amount! They are lucky they didn't get angry, yelling, swearing Jen. (She's in here somewhere, I just don't let her out very often!)

Now I am really happy I got that extra Nunchuk because I need to get some of this anger out before I take it out on the hubby while we are stuck in the house for the next few days.....

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  1. Oh, man. I'm just glad that they were able to fix it for you. That would have sucked.


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