December 4, 2008

Fx4 B&B Booty!

Look at the stash of Bath and Body Works goodies that arrived in the mail!
I got up bright and early on Black Friday and did some serious online shopping.  Every year I always get the little hand lotion things for any little gifts I might need.  Well, this year if you spent a mere $40 you could buy the 'goodie' bag for another $15.  Well, that's what yours truly did.  It was awesome.  I got full size products for about $1.50 for each item.  Pretty sweet!  Now go have some fun and play along with Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!


  1. droool drrooolll.. I am doing a hand made holiday this year and all the lotions and soaps and scents are now starting to get to me... I could have withdraws by the end of it all...

  2. WOW That's some nice a stash of lotion!!

    HAPPY Fx4

  3. What an excellent bargain. Geez, I didn't even know about that. Always late to the game.

  4. How awesome! I always make lots of extra baked goods for "just in case"...

  5. They having amazing on line specials! My daughter loves the velvet tuberose (what the heck kind of name is that, maybe I've got it wrong) and I am all about the spearminty aroma therapy.



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