September 7, 2008

Three Day Weekend Fun & Realizations

I started this blog on Labor Day.  I kinda forgot that I left it as a draft.  I decided I needed to finish it and give myself a realization of what a great family structure I have.

Here we go on 9/1/08...

This past weekend we had a little family get together to wish our nephew well on his travels to Morocco as he is enters the Peace Corpse.  He will be missed, but he is helping to make this world a better place.  He will touch so many lives and who knows my not want to come back after his 27 months.  Good Luck N, we'll miss you.  I will think of you often and our last conversations about all kinds of inappropriateness. Two words.  Smooth t**nt!

But, I realized while sitting eating dinner the amazing family I have.  Growing up, there was just my folks, brother and myself.  Once I married, I gained 8 brothers/in-laws and sister in-laws, not to mention 6 nieces and nephews some of which have since married and the family has gotten bigger in these past 4 years.

What I really took notice of was the diversity of our family dynamic.  Within both sides of my family 3 branches of the military are represented.  We have Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  There are teachers, accountants, librarians, restaurant managers, web designers, yoga teachers, Thai massage therapists, yogis, yoginis, Catholics, Baptists, non believers, artists (one of which I am proud to display their artwork on my body), carnivores, vegetarians, all around foodies, readers, crafters, knitters, gamers, animal activists, farmers, comic book geeks (one of which is me), cancer survivor, actors, musicians, barista, mac addicts, bloggers, etc.

I am truly blessed by my diverse family. I couldn't ask for anything more.  We have our problems, as all families do.  Somehow we are able to get past the regular bull shit and live our lives harmoniously.  I really do appreciate what I have, but need to express that more to those who love me.  So to them I say "I love you and thank you for excepting me for who I am, my beliefs, and supporting the choices I have made."

I really hate being sappy, but sometimes you need to give a shout out to the ones you love and the ones who supply your support system.



Shatni, shati, shanti


  1. That's beautiful. You truly are blessed to have such a diverse family.

  2. I do believe as a your parent we raised you to be an independent open minded soul. Which you are, thank God. Yes you have a great and diverse family. Love mom.

  3. 1. Your mom reads your blogs? You are so lucky! My mom thinks I am an exhibitionist that can't do anything without audiance approval.

    2. Show us your tatoo. Now.


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