September 16, 2008

Is it Monday again?

OK, I had the weirdest day at work. Let tell ya why.

1. I get to work and discover someone TP'd the trees in front AND egged the school.

2. Work smelled like rotten eggs all day, especially when it heated up this afternoon.

3. Multiple, I repeat MULTIPLE, fights. At least two teachers were injured in the process of breaking them up.

4. I had a student try to tell me how to do MY JOB!

5. I had the same student tell me to "Shut the f*ck up and stop talking" to her.

6. I got called a devil by a student when I walked in the building (he didn't have his meds today)

7. Ohhh, we did have cheese pizza for lunch. Screw frozen dinners today, I had pizza and it was good.

8. Our lunch group is the quietest in the building and gets compliments all the time for their behavior.

9. I had to cover and teach a class for one of the injured teachers, and didn't get a break at all. (except the 2 bathroom breaks between classes)

10. Witnessed a student getting kicked out of class for yawning (it was pretty obnoxious though)

So, did I miss something today? Was there a full moon? Is it groundhogs day and I am doomed to have a repeat?

All I know is, I am going to keep on going. Tomorrow can't be that bad. I just need to get through tonight and finish making tombstones. 100+ to go. (it is actually for a pretty cool thing we are doing in language arts. We are laying to rest overused words. I get to make the graveyard. I think it will be cool.)

I think I need a mental health day!

But, I will never take it. I suck. I'm responsible. Go me and my stupid work ethic.

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