September 24, 2008

I miss blogging!

I feel aweful.  I haven't been able to blog as often as I would like.  I have been so busy between work and trying to finish the Twilight series so our lunch group can talk about it.  I have 50 pages to go in New Moon and will be starting Eclipse (hopefully) tomorrow.

My work week so far has constituted of 3 parent meetings, 5 staff meeting (& I missed 2 others so I could have one of the parent meetings)  helped discipline 3 students (two of which cried!), made several parent phone calls, got to play secretary for a few hours, got to drop an "F" bomb in the teachers lounge during lunch, grossed out my lunch group with my veggie corn dog smell, etc.  I have to leave my student teacher alone, so I get extra free time to do all kinds of worky, worky.

For the next two days I get to sit in a data training sessions!  It sucks to be a DINA, let alone a SINA5 status.  (For all you non teachers that is District In Need of Assistance, School In Need of Assistance.)  I get to do data analysis on why our school does so poorly.  Hey, at least I get away from my students for a couple of days.

With that said, I vow to be a better blogger.  I will post more often.  I will try to find more interesting topics.  


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