September 9, 2008

I feel lazy!

I feel like I didn't do shit today at work.  I know that isn't true, but I really feel like I didn't do much.  Let me explain...

I have a student teacher this year for 8 weeks.  She is in a word, awesome.  I get to shape and mold her into a wonderful teacher.  We don't have the traditional teacher/student teacher relationship.  She gets to experience the wonderful world of weird ass me.  (It's funny, when people who don't know me well talk to me I am very frank and upfront.  She says "That's Just Jen, you get used to it.)  I figured I would give her a real world teaching experience and she is doing a great job.  She is taking over for me and I have to find other things to do from time to time.  Here's what I did today.

Followed a student around who refused to go to class.  He actually stopped for me, and told me what was wrong, but wouldn't go to the office with me.  He just made some bad choices and I handed it off to someone in charge.  That took 45 minutes.

I completed our Special Ed Roster (which means nothing to anyone who isn't a sped department head.  Oh yeah, I am the department head!) faxed and mailed it in.

Finished some paperwork and submitted it.

Escorted a student to lunch who can't seem to make it there and back without being a giant butt head in line.

Made two journal prompts notebooks for students who were absent.

Observed a teacher who is struggling with his classes and gave suggestions.

Did some lesson plans, then sent my student teacher to do them since she needs the practice.

Called Wyoming and balled someone out for not sending us records.

Scheduled an IEP meeting.

Helped a fellow teacher pick up cherries that were thrown in her window and hit her in the head.

Stood on the corner doing bus duty to make sure there were no fights.

Went home and blogged about my boring ass day!

For me, this is nothing.  I am an obsessive multi-tasker at work.  I don't have enough to do.  Maybe I will sit in the office tomorrow and help with discipline.  I love me a good parent phone call.  I haven't gotten an angry call yet.  Oh, maybe I can get called a bitch.  I love that.  I have a goal for tomorrow!


  1. You're actively looking to be called a bitch? What a goal!

  2. Keep up the good work. In education, a good sense of humor is an asset beyond gold. Well trained and competent teachers are hard to find and harder to keep in the schools. Sometimes being a bitch is not a bad thing.


  3. 1. Jen, you are a bitch. It's a good thing.

    2. I love your mom, she's the bitchingest.

    3. Seriously, my four adopted kids are all sped racers and trust me on this ... they are going no where at record breaking speed!

    When they talk about windows to the mind being open and closed during the first three years of life, well it ain't no joke! My oldest adopted daughter lived in a crib taking care of her brother until she was five years old. There is no imagination, no creativity, no sense of humor. She's very parentified but as you well know, that does not make you a very popular eight grade girl, does it?

    Thank you for being the sped head. Now come to Wisconsin and teach my kid's school how to do it the right way!

  4. P.S. Where can I get a student teacher? I need one, STAT.


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