January 11, 2009

New Toys!

I have been a bad blogger lately.  I have been too busy playing with my new toys that I have neglected to blog.  What new toys you ask?!?  My wii and the game Spore.

I absolutely love my wii.  I had no idea how much fun they could be.  I have recently started doing the wii fit game.  I just love the fact that it tells me my body type every time I step on the damn thing, but it keeps me motivated to use it so it can't be all bad.  Here is my avatar for the game.
Don't I look so smart and sassy with my glasses.  Oh, and check out the junk in the trunk I got going on in the back.....
I really like the yoga and aerobics on the wii fit.  I just recently opened "free step" where you can set a timer and use it like step aerobics while watching something else.  Pretty sweet.  

We have a few other games, but I highly recommend the Shaun White snowboarding game especially if you have the wii fit board.  It is hella fun.  I took some photos of my hubby playing, but I'm not allowed to post.  Maybe one of these days I'll sneak one in...

The other new addition to my geeky computer world is the game Spore.  I think being a science nerd really helps me make it soooo much more fun.  The premise of the game is you start out life as a single celled organism and you evolve through the different stages of life.  You can constantly change your appearance, special skills, coloring, etc.  Right now I just started the Tribal Stage where I am the head of a tribe and I have to keep my tribe alive while others begin around the world.  Very cool stuff.  

I am pretty sure it isn't going to be endorsed by the Catholic Church (it reminds me of the Scopes monkey trial for some reason) but it is a lot of fun to play.

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  1. OMG I used think people addicted to wii were crazy until Kurt's parents got one!! It is so much fun!! We love Carnival Games and the Price is Right. lol.

    Happy wii'ing!!

    Ann :)


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