January 28, 2009

Lost Theories

I am a Lost addict. If you haven't seen the show, you are seriously missing out on some drama and mystery. The new season started last week, and already the theories have been a brewing at our house. Here are a few ideas we have:

1. Faraday is traveling through time. There have been hints about it, but I think that he is traveling and not just from the bright lights these last two episodes.

2.. Richard is on a linear path. Locke revealed tonight that Richard is free to visit him after he is born.... 2 years from now. He does in Season 3 (I think) and says he's not ready....... OMG what does that mean?!?

3. *Hubby theory* - Richard is actually John Locke's dad. Could be, but I'm not sold yet.

4. Widmore gets booted off the island and that is why he is so desperate to find it. OMG a young Widmore was on tonight's episode!

5. Faraday's mom traveled back in time to be in the movie Grease.

6. Desmond will go back to the island to save Penny when he finds out Ben is trying to kill Penny. AND they named their son Charlie. Nice dedication.

7. Sawer is just meant to be hot.... and Kate will come back to the island and tap that.

8. Jin isn't dead. The island moved before the freighter blew up. I think he will be back.

9. Widmore is kicked off the island for something to do with Emma (I think that's her name). She was the chickie with the gun pointed at Faraday. BTW, what is up with the H- bomb?!?

10. Jacob is Locke in the future. Yeah, I said it. My wacko theory I've had since last season. Locke was the only one who could hear him.....

Things to keep in mind:

Jack and Claire are brother and sister.
Locke dies, but at his funeral he is listed as David Faraday
Where is Claire anyway? Jacob's cabin? And why did she leave Aaron?
Sayid is killing for Ben
Kate has Claire's son, who for a time was being raised by his uncle
Sun has taken over her fathers' business
The Oceanic 6 have to go back to the island, but why exactly?
Too many items to list here.

Once again, lost is the best show ever! I can't wait until next week to see the episode. Unfortunately (kinda) we have to watch it on Thursday because Cracker is playing an acoustic show at The Redstone Room here in the QC and we gots tickets! Great band and a good time will be had by all.

Lost Rocks!

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