February 8, 2013

Where does the time go?

I just went back (after a year and a half) and re-read the last post I wrote. I have grown so much, but still have some of the same old issues.

I still have the stress from work, who doesn't. At this point of the year I am starting to feel the burn out that inevitably comes with teaching middle school. I try to stay positive in the face of classroom discipline and students who are constant issues.

I wish that I could spend my day teaching instead of all the extra duties I am required to do. Submit lesson plans, data team meetings, department meetings, staff meetings, duty 2 days a week, all this and more every week. Ugh!

On the positive side I have recently gotten back into Ashtanga yoga. As soon as I step onto my mat, my thoughts go straight to my practice and breath. It is the best 90 minutes I get three times a week. I have noticed that I still nap, but for less time So some things have gotten better.

Next post, more positivity!

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