February 11, 2013

A case of the Mondays...

If this shit didn't actually happen to me, I wouldn't believe it. I had the worst hour and a half this morning when I got up.

So what happened? Lets start from the beginning.

I woke up around 5:00 this morning to go to the bathroom. A normal occurrence, but in my half sleep haze I accidentally turned off my alarm clock. Oops!

Over the next two hours I had the most bizarre and graphic nightmares I have had in quite a while. Fortunately, I randomly woke at 7:05, I leave for work at 7:35. Oops!

Once up, I went to the living room. I Did my hair and makeup (totally overdid my eyeliner so I looked like Robert Smith from the cure.) I got dressed, put my lunch together and was ready to head out the door.

As soon as I start down the stairs to the garage I drop EVERYTHING I had on me. How or why I still don't know. My purse, lunch bag, keys, water bottle (getting water all over the stairs) and some other random items all over the place.

I get the the bottom of the stairs and bend down. That's when it happened. My pants ripped. Not a little tear, but a two plus inch long one from the top of my thigh down towards my knee. So glad I was home for that!!!!!

So now, I had to run up the stairs and find another pair of pants that match the rest of my outfit so I can make it to work, hopefully on time!

I got our the door at 7:40. Not too bad, I made good time. Next problem, 40mph + winds on the interstate. Stressful drive to work clutching the wheel!

Other highlights of the day: sending three kids out for behavior, tripping up the stairs and having my Target card declined....

At least the day is over and it can't get any worse, right?

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