July 7, 2009

What happened to society?!?

I was channel surfing a few minutes ago and found something very disturbing. I happened to stop on the Jerry Springer show. Now mind you I only left it on for about 2 minutes. The show was titled I slept with my best friends' man. The guy they were arguing over was no looker. Heavily tattooed, severely overweight and just gross. The women were what I expect to be typical ladies they have on the show regularly.

I use the term ladies lightly. They didn't get into a physical fight over the man. Oh no! They had a 'Jerry Springer STRIP OFF'!!!

When did they start doing that on daytime TV?!? I had no idea that you could settle arguments by taking off your clothes in front of a live studio audience! Have I been arguing wrong all these years? To get my point across I need to take off my clothes?!?

I think I will stick to the traditional raising of the voice and walking away to argue. In fact after that spectacle I think the TV needs to get turned off and I need to open up a good book. I need to wash away those images from my brain!


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