May 3, 2008

Grad Class Final Project!

Thank God it is the end of the semester.  Thank God our presentation is done and we are fourth in line and can look over notes.  Wait a second, where is our second presenter.  Class started thirty minutes ago and he's not here.  How do we present?  Do we skip his part?  OMG how are we going to fill the whole time????  Thoughts are racing through my head.  

Luckily, he shows up.  He was stuck in detours around the flooding Mississippi River, then behind the mother of all car accidents when he got towards campus.  O.K.  Nothing else can happen right?!?

Our time to present.  Fourth group, same topics as the other groups.  Nobody will be listening to us, right?  They are probably bored to tears by now and are texting their friends/ spouses or playing solitare on their Palm Pilot like I do at some in services.  (sorry, I just can't sit and listen, I have to be doing something).  The first part goes off without a hitch.  She did an awesome job, timely, things are going great.  Person two (I'm the last out of five by the way) gets up and starts withe his first slide.  Looking good.  I am focused on the computer screen and not the projector and look up to see some confused faces.  Am I on the wrong slide?  Did I skip ahead and go on?  What's happening.  I look at the screen, no presentation, something is wrong with the projector!?!?!?!?!

The professor gets up, tells us to keep going (our time still running out by the way) and goes in front of me and tries to fix the projector while our presentation is going.  He hits a few buttons, nothing is happening and we know he isn't listening to the presentation any more.  How are we going to get our grade.  I pride myself on having A's in all of the grad classes I have taken so far.  The professor then says, "Keep going, I will go get someone to help".  WHAT!  Your leaving and we are supposed to keep going!!!  My grade, what about my grade!!!  Just as he leaves the projector comes back on and we are set to go.  

The second presenter read every slide, painstakingly slow.  I look at my watch, over half of our time is gone!!!  He's still talking, shit I am not going to be able to do my part!!!  O.K. the professor is asking him to wrap it up.  25/64 slides done.  We can do this, right?!?

Presenter 3 & 4 go.  Nice job, short and sweet, going over the basics.  We're about done.  My part is coming up.  Let's get this done and over.  Presenter 4 wraps up, my turn.  Just as I move to the next slide.  "Your time is up, wrap it up in about 2 minutes."  

2 MINUTES for 7 minutes worth of information!!!  What do I do, what do I do???  The only thing possible.  I start going over my information at lightning speed.  I think at one point I broke the sound barrier I was going over my information so fast.  I got done (in 2 minutes mind you) to the professor asking "Are you o.k.?"  Why, what's going on, of course I am o.k.  I go back to my seat, sit down and the woman next to me asked the same thing.  "Yeah, I'm fine, why?"

Apparently while I was up there, talking at lightning speed, My chest and face became very red (probably due to the lack of oxygen I was able to intake by talking that quickly)  and she thought I was about to pass out!  

After class was over, I talked to the professor.  I told him "You know it had to be my group that has the technological errors and lack of time to present"  His response:  "I know, you are accident prone!"  He knows me so well!

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