August 15, 2010

I'd have a beer right now but I'd probably bust my teeth!

I have had quite an interesting 24 hours.  In no particular order:

Fell off of the couch while playing Wii golf not once, but twice!  (Alcohol WAS a factor)

Ripped half a toe nail off, OUCH!

While mowing got stung repeatedly in the calf by a ground bee/ yellow jacket, which then got stuck on my sock.  I ran across the yard, throwing my shoes and socks off and now I am pretty sure my neighbors think I am crazy!.

Twisted my ankle by slipping in the mud mowing up the back hill.

The Benadryl I took for the bee stings kicked in while I was grocery shopping.  I was asked several times if I needed help shopping.  I wonder how bad I really looked.....

Got soap in my eye while in the shower.

Gums swelled up when I flossed.

You get the gist!  So, as I said before I would really love to have an ice cold Blue Moon right now, but I am afraid I will somehow bust my teeth out with the bottle.  I know, I'll just pour it in a glass and enjoy.

At least I know tomorrow HAS to be better!


  1. Awww :( Well, I certainly hope that the past few days have been better! It sounds like luck is not on your side. When it rains, it pours, right?

  2. So sad, yet so amusing, poor baby! Instead of the glass, you might want to try a sippy-cup.


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