June 7, 2009

Things I learned this year...

Friday was the last student day and Monday is our last teacher day. (unless you have textbook training on Tuesday and helping interview throughout the summer)

I learned several things this year from my seventh graders and thought I would share some of them. I hope you enjoy.

~I can never name my future children Nick, Tristan, Austin or Tina. There is no way these names wouldn't evoke the urge to scream

~Point sheets don't save everyone, but they do help some.

~Meetings EVERY MONDAY MORNING really suck, especially because they start 10 minutes before contract time.

~If you are good at your job you get the privilege of doing MORE work and get put on more committees.

~We are going to have so much fun with IDM/SF paperwork. I Don't Member So F**-it is what I like to call it.

~Sometimes it is good to get new staff into the building, especially when one of the ones leaving is a pathological liar.

~Being Special Education Department Head you get asked ALL of the questions that people can't answer AND are expected to come up with ALL of the solutions because that is your 'job'

~Sometimes it is more fun when you aren't in the 'cool kids club' You get to go out for Naughty Schoolgirl Martinis and have way more fun on the last day of school. Not to mention the martini comes with a blowpop. Delish!!!!

~It is really hard not to tell a student they are being a major bitch in class. Things like that could get you fired even if it is very true!

~Hearing my name over the intercom makes me cringe every time because I know it is never good and I will probably be subbing for the day

~I am going to miss a lot of my students, but some I pray transfer over the summer...

~7th graders have too many hormones

If you are a teacher, I wish you a fantastic summer full of relaxation and rejuvenation. You have earned it.

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