May 14, 2009

A well deserved break!

I am so excited. I have a three week break from Grad Classes!

Here's the deal. This last class I took, Intro to elementary and middle school curriculum, (I know snooze) was worth 300 points. I missed 2 points on 2 different assignments and I scored a 291. For some reason I find this absolutely hillarious. The guy is retiring this sememster and didn't seem to give a shit (or grade ANY assignments since March) and it isn't worth telling him about his mistake because I still got the A I wanted. Quite frankly I am kinda pissed that I put that much effort into the class because I think he would have given me an A if I did everything half assed.

Big yeah, I move over a bracket on the pay scale because I have 15 graduate hours. Awesome!

Now I sit and wait for my transcripts to be read to find out how many classes I have to take to be a bonifide reading teacher. (at $1200 a class I hope it isn't too much!) Since I am special education I may only have one class to take. I should find out this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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