April 1, 2009

Journal Prompt

Today in one of the language arts classes I teach we had this journal prompt on the board "When I look deep into the mirror I see....."

I thought it might be fun to do the journal as well.  This is what I came up with.

When I look deep into the mirror I see many things.

I see a wife, a friend, a lover and companion

I see empathy and understanding

I see a teacher, a role model, a confidant

I see stress and depression

I see a knitter, a crafter, a jeweler

I see potential 

I see flaws and imperfections

I see olive green eyes hidden behind glasses

I see messy curly hair with hints of gray

I see a smart ass, a joker, a goofball

I see happiness, good karma, contentment

I see the woman I have become

I see the girl who uses the phrases "Wicked Painful" or "Weak" when something goes wrong

I see me

I'm o.k. with that

So, what do you see when you take a long look in the mirror?

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