March 9, 2009

Postponed Contest and other gripes

I hate to do this, but with the pinched nerve I have in my thumb I am postponing my Friday the 13th contest for later in the year.  I am unable to craft without severe pain in my left thumb.  I have huge cortizone shot fear, I hear that is the remedy for what I am now calling 'craft finger'.  I sincerely apologize and those already entered get extra entries.

On to the gripes.....

This past weekend kinda (but not totally) sucked.  

The highlight:  Going to see The Watchmen.  The hubby and I are huge comic book geeks and when we found out this was coming out it was game on.  I loved it.  All 3 hours.  Not your typical super hero movie.  All of the so-called super heroes have so many personal flaws that it is more like a Jerry Springer show at times that true heroes.  Especially Rorschach.  He was a truly sick individual.

The lowlights:

Three hours of sleep on Sat and Sun night due to my brains inability to shut off.

Nasty cardboard cut on my middle finger.  However it gives me a chance to try out the different ways to flip the bird.  I guess it can't be all that bad.

PC is dead.  By dead, I mean dead.  Had to order a new PC so hubby can do homework.  Fortunately the income tax refund will cover most of it.  It is just a pain to be down to a lap top when you are spoiled with two computers.  I really shouldn't complain.  I just don't think he is as proficient with a mac.  

I lost my cell phone.  I have looked everywhere.  Can't find it.  I am sure that I am staring at it, but its dead and I can't call it to find it.  I am giving myself one more day and then I'm going to have to get a new one.  I am so scatterbrained sometimes.

Oh, my paper that is due on Wednesday was on the crashed PC.  I had to recreate all 6 pages by memory for my grad class this weekend.  It was fun!  Rectal extraction at best.  I have really stopped caring about grad class.  Unfortunately I have 8 weeks left!

And as always I have a Monday morning special ed meeting that I host EVERY MONDAY.  Not by choice mind you.  Oh, yeah and it starts 15 minutes before contract time.  I think I need spring break to come around, so I can do.... more homework.

I hate this semester.....

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