March 18, 2009

Many bad words...

I am thinking of a word that starts with an F and rhymes with duck. You know how you think financially everything is going o.k., then all of a sudden things take a turn for the worse. This has been my last month.

1. Home PC died. We knew it was coming, so it wasn't such a shock, but then the monitor went with it. Had to get both. Yeah, an extra couple hundred on top of that.

2. $808 for a grad class that started in January, plus the cost of books.

3. Digital camera just died. The screen just stopped working, today. I can take pictures, but I can't see them until I download them. How 1990. I'll have to wait to have the photo developed. I can't afford a camera right now. Maybe it will make me appreciate the simpler things in life.

4. Just found out the course that was supposed to start in June actually started in Feb. Now I am begging to get into the class a month late to pay another $808 for that class plus the cost of books. Not to mention IF I get in the massive amount of homework to make up what I missed.....

I think over spring break next week I am not going to leave the house. I may get struck by lightning, get a flat tire, break a bone, god only knows. Shit, who have I Karmically pissed off lately.

I'm just going to say it.....


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